Школа са домом ученика Бубањ

Special School with a Student’s Dormitory

Bubanj Niš

I Hear and Speak Conference

A scientific and practical conference I Hear and Speak emerged as a result of a great and long-term collaboration between Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic (ENT) and our school, with the idea of exchanging experience and knowledge, setting new working standards and establishing new contacts. The first conference was held in 2010 in our school as a scientific and practical conference. A lot of otolaryngologists and special needs teachers and therapists from our country and region took part in the conference.

The increase in the number of children with autism spectrum disorder who attend our school has brought about new needs and this reflected on the topics that were discussed at the conference, the list was broadened. As a result, the participants were eminent child psychiatrists, pediatricians and medical specialists who are very important members of the team in the process of helping children with autistic spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities to improve their functional abilities.

The conference is traditionally held every year at the end of March, and the program itself was approved by the Health Council of Serbia. The number of participants and lecturers is increasing year after year.