Школа са домом ученика Бубањ

Special School with a Student’s Dormitory

Bubanj Niš


Special School with a Student’s Dormitory Bubanj was founded for the purpose of educating and upbringing children and young people with impaired hearing.

The development of school can be divided into three stages:
  • The period since 1953, when the school was founded by humanitarian action of The Association of the Deaf of Serbia with the aid of local and state authorities and was situated in the inadequate shanties by Palilula railway barrier near St. Nicholas Church.
  • The period since 1974, when the school was moved to a new, modern building specially designed for this purpose, in Ledena Stena Borough. The building fulfilled the criteria for performing school activities properly and successfully- in other words, providing education and accommodation for children with impaired hearing.
  • Over the past few years, the school has become a Regional Center for providing support to children with developmental disabilities.