Школа са домом ученика Бубањ

Special School with a Student’s Dormitory

Bubanj Niš

The Nature of Work and Assistive Technology

The organization of work in our school is adjusted to special needs of our students. The users of our therapy services today are children with different developmental disabilities. Therefore, we have equipped and adapted our premises to their needs according to the required standards. Today they belong to the therapeutic wing:

- Sensory room is used for working with children who have high or low sensory sensitivity. The purpose is to motivate children to explore the environment and thus feel different sensation. The room represents a safe environment which gives children a sense of security.

- Montessori room is an example of the authentic Montessori environment where methods of prominent Italian pedagogyst are applied. The use of Montessori methods contributes to the development of intelligence, attention and concentration. A series of practical activities and exercises enables a child to perform everyday tasks independently. All of the special needs teachers have a certificate to carry out this program in our school.

Motor skills control learning is acquired in a special room. Children use their body and movement to learn more about themselves and the world around them with the aid of a therapist. Movement is used to encourage development in different segments of everyday life.

Sensory integration room is used for individual sensory integration therapy. It is equipped with different devices for vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, audio-visual and olfactory stimulation. Sensory integration therapy is good for: This therapy is done by the therapist with internationally approved sensory integration therapy certification.

Corrective gymnastics is done in the school gym. It represents a type of kinesitherapy and the use of movement for prevention and improvement. Depending on the type of movement, exercises and the aim to be achieved, exercises can be preventive, prophylactic and corrective.

Checking and monitoring of hearing ability in children is done in the auditory room. Hearing ability of every child is tested here.

If necessary, a type of hearing aid is determined according to the degree of hearing loss in the auditory laboratory. Fitting is done in the laboratory and ear impressions for ear molds are made here as well.

Rooms for individual treatment are used for basic development of speech and hearing or some other aspects based on the difficulties a child is experiencing.

Rhythmic phonetics and musical stimulation contribute to sounds and words formation.

Medos system is a multimedia system for education of children with hearing impairment. Great improvement is achieved in the process of rehabilitation and education of kindergarten children with hearing impairment by this system.