Школа са домом ученика Бубањ

Special School with a Student’s Dormitory

Bubanj Niš

Advance training

Our teaching staff is constantly improving in accordance with the current theoretical and practical demands in the field of defectology. We have attended a number of local and international seminars for professional development in order to broaden our knowledge. Special needs teachers have Montessori certificate, one group of teachers has successfully finished an international training program for sensory integration therapy, and all of the team members have attended seminars on sensory integration and motor skills control. One member of our team is a motor skills therapist.

A number of colleagues have attended a training program for writing EU projects in order to become a part of the competitive market in the field and be able to adjust our premises to our students’ needs and make them more modern. Teachers and practical teachers are continuously undergoing training programs and improving their knowledge on teaching methods. They are also broadening knowledge in their own field of expertise. In order to adequately respond to the demands and challenges of their job our teachers actively participate in seminars and forums in the country and region.